Saturday, October 25, 2008


In an addendum to one of my comments at Al-Arianna about the McCain campaign, I sarcastically noted that I had reached a milestone, 400 censored posts out of approximately 2200.

I snarked a few other times over the last couple of days about the heavy handed and arbitrary nature of their moderation and now I have noticed that my archived approved comments started disappearing as well as the ones that were blocked. I believe that is leading up to a ban for not meekly taking my soma and putting up with something that is anathema to progressives, snuffing free speech in the name of a moderator's personal predilections even when those posts don't violate their stated guidelines.

In fact, often what gets wiped are long and thoughtful posts about an issue. Then when I answer a conservative troll with a pretty vicious pithy and ad hominem shot, that is permitted to survive scrutiny. What the fuck is up with that?

HuffPo's moderators have their heads up their asses and it is eventually going to drive people away because nobody can figure out where the line is. The only reason I am there so much right now is because I am obsessed with the presidential campaign. Once that is resolved, I am mulling just staying away. I can only put up with so much frustration.

Friday, October 17, 2008

McCain Using Same Robocall Firm That Helped Smear Him In 2000

Story is here.

Note: This was a reply to the following ridiculous assertion:

"Tim Russert would have gone insane this election season with so many lies going around. I imagine him with anybody of the McCain campaign with the videos and the quotes to prove their contradictions in his very elegant and respectful way to cross examine. I believe that this election would have been a landslide by today if we would have somebody like him pressuring for interviews and confronting the politicians. I still miss him on sunday mornings!!!"

My reply:

Are you serious?

Russert would have kept every freaking GOP talking point roiling right up to election day. As Arianna said, he was a captive of conventional wisdom, a lazy thinker and largely AWOL in the runup to the Iraq War.

Please, he was weaker than a Shirley Temple.


Note: Though shalt not criticize St. Timmeh.

BusinessWeek: Disney Is The Media Industry's Best Bet For Stability During Financial Crisis

Story is here.

Yet another laudatory Disney related article in Huffington Post.

Again, what is Disney's relationship with Huffington Post to keep getting so much favorable coverage here when that company is anti-labor, uses sweatshops to manufacture its clothing and toys and interferes with the electoral process in Anaheim? Not to mention that its ABC division broadcast that libelous movie blaming 9/11 on Bill Clinton.

You owe us an explanation.


Note: Disney is the holy of holies at Al-Arianna (my new nickname for HuffPo), so my protest against their whoring for the mouse was crushed yet again.

Federal Immigration Policy is Destabilizing Main Street USA

Story is here.

On the ground, where real America lives, illegal immigration is damaging K-12 education by filling schools with children who can't read even in their own language, more and more scarce resources have to be diverted to get them up to speed on english, they have high dropout rates and they bring increased gang activity to local schools.

Just so that you know, I voted AGAINST Proposition 187 in California because it was bad policy. It would have made the fallout from illegal immigration WORSE.

Communities I have lived in as well as those nearby have been turned into crime infested havens thanks to hispanic gangs. Illegal immigrants are swelling our prisons, driving up law enforcement costs and the houses and apartments where you have 10-20 illegals living in a single unit do little for local living conditions and home values.

This is exacerbated by illegals driving down wages in the construction industry and the meat packing industry you mentioned, among others.

The financial health of hospitals is also threatened by streams of illegals using emergency rooms as their health care when they can't pay.

Dealing with any of this (mass deportations are a needed good start) has become an electoral third rail and thus neither side of the immigration debate is likely to get anywhere, which only increases frustration among community members

There are practical matters of statecraft here. You can't slove anything on mere good wishes and idealism.


Note: Can't inject any reality into HuffPo about this question, now can we. Especially if you are Anglo, as I am. What a crock of shit that it.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vicki Iseman Denies McCain Affair

Story is here.

So she waits until three weeks before the election to say, "I did not have sex with that man"?

Plus the National Journals has a well established rightwing bias, though not quite as outright cuckoo as National Review.

If the NY Times was so off base here---and that story they ran does seem to have damaged her career as a Capitol Hill lobbyist, why isn't she suing? She wasn't a public figure, so there would be no Sullivan Test for any possible libel action she might want to file, making it easier for her to win a favorable judgment.

This is just part of a Republican campaign to look like they were victimized by the media they claim is in the tank for Obama. But my suspicion is that McCain had his fundamental was in a tank of a different sort and now they are trying to sing and dance their way around it. And that phone call to Lanny Davis? That was an act.

Look, if her and McCain's relationship was so on the up and up, his aides wouldn't have been concerned about keeping them apart. So there was indeed some kind of smoke there, but we just haven't seen a definitive fire out of it yet.


Joe The Plumber: Obama Tap Dances Like "Sammy Davis Jr."

Story is here.

Joe the Plumber appears to be Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher.

According to Lucas County, Ohio court records, there is a Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher who has a state income tax lien of $1,182.98. According to the court record he lives on a street that is part of the Lincoln Green subdivision.

And Joe the Plumber's Father appears to be Robert Wurzelbacher right wing fanatic and contributor who is the son in law of..... you're not going to believe this. Charles Keating.

This just gets better and better.

Oh there's also a Joe the Twice Divorced Wife Beater.

And The Joe I Haven't Had a Plumbing License Since 2002.

I wonder which of these will turn out to be the guy doing all the talk shows?

I'm sure we'll know by the end of the day.

****Update: Joe the "undecided voter" appears to be a registered Republican. He voted for McCain in the primary.

*** Update 2: There's another Wurzelbacher. Doug Wurzelbacher. Doug is active in competitive dog sled racing. Guess where he lives? Wasilla, Alaska. What are the odds? I wonder if he's related to "Plumber Joe"?

These questions need answers.

# posted by The Punisher @ Thursday, October 16, 2008
An FYI--

A search on ancestry dot com turns up a Samuel J. Wurzelbacher at some point in the last twenty years living at - get this - 1960 W. KEATING Dr., Mesa, AZ!!!!


Note: I don't know why this was censored, though HuffPo has been censoring a lot of longer posts lately. Later on, I did put in a post with a short blurb about this and a link to the story, so this time around was a mixed bag. However, that only further exoses the arbitrary nature of the HuffPo censors.

An Old Boxer Who Has Been in One Too Many Fights

Story is here.

McCain's performance was not worse than that of Stockdale nor was it as horrendous as Cruz Bustamante's debate performance trying to replace Gray Davis as California Governor, but the fact remains that his fly by the seat of his pants style makes McCain perpetually ill prepared to take on sharper operators such as Obama.

He can blame his dad and wife for that since McCain has never had to pay a consequence, until now, for his laziness, impulsiveness, gutlessness and sense of entitlement because dad or his millionaire wife was there to bail his butt out or buy him what he wanted.

The McCain campaign was just a pathetic spectacle of privileged mediocrity that had never had to work for anything in his life. So he never developed the toughness and cunning that one learns from the experience of having to fight and claw for what one has.

McCain thought of himself as a downmarket aristocrat (just like Bush) and he reached the end of that rope Wednesday just as the Navy wouldn't make him an Admiral. His life is now a complete failure. I hope he is man enough to admit it and maybe he, like Jimmy Carter, can now do something constructive to save his reputation before he passes from this life. Don't count on it, though. He has always been an inertia kind of guy.


Note: ??? Maybe they didn't like the shot I took at Bustamante?